Apple Puree

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    super easy

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  • Peeled apple pulp
  • Water


  • step 1

    This recipe is suitable for babies 6 months and older.

  • step 2

    Pour 500g water into the mixing bowl and put on the simmering basket

  • step 3

    Put 250g peeled apple pulp into the simmering basket

  • step 4

    Put on the measuring cup, and steam the apple pulp at 15min/110℃/REV1

  • step 5

    Take out the steamed apple pulp, and clean the mixing bowl

  • step 6

    Put the steamed apple pulp into the mixing bowl, and add 100g water

  • step 7

    Put on the measuring cup, and smash the ingredients at 20sec/REV7

  • step 8

    Scrape the ingredients to the bottom of the mixing bowl with a scraper, put on the measuring cup, smash the ingredients at 20sec/REV7 again

  • step 9

    Eat the Apple Puree immediately or cool it in a refrigerator, take it out and reheat it as needed

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