How do I bind my device?

Binding process

1. [Device]

Turn on the device.

2. [cookNjoy]

Login to cookNjoy, then select [My account] - [My device]. Select the machine model and enter the device code.

3. [cookNjoy]

A window will then pop up to remind you to move to the next step on the device.

4. [Device]

Click [Settings] - [Unbound] on the machine.

A binding confirmation pop-up window will appear on the machine, please click  [Confirm(if the pop-up window does not appear on the machine, please click [Try again])

5. [cookNjoy]

Select [Completed] on the cookNjoy.

6. Both [cookNjoy] & [Device] will show Binding complete successfully.

Remove process

You can proceed with one of the following steps:

On the device:

  • Find [Setting], by click your account to enter the profile section.
  • Click [Remove binding]. When the pop-up appears, choose [Remove binding] to confirm.
  • Remove the device successfully.

On the website:

  • Find [My Account] - [My device], click the delete icon.
  • Confirm the removal by clicking [Submit].